Why Natural Soap Is Great, Plus Tips On How To Make It Last!

Why Natural Soap Is Great, Plus Tips On How To Make It Last!


Why natural soap is better!

Is traditional soap really any better?  Isn't soap just soap? I think for a lot of us our first experience with bar soaps is using big commercial brands like Ivory, Neutrogena, etc... I'm getting itchy just thinking about it!  Commercial brands use harsh detergents to clean skin, and they end up stripping and damaging your skin barrier. I thought that all bar soaps were drying and I hated them.  Then I tried my first ever natural olive oil bar soap, and that was a game changer!  My skin wasn't stripped or dry and I loved it! Who knew?! 

What is natural soap?

Our soaps are made using the traditional cold process method, that consists of saponifying skin loving oils, and shea butter, that turns them into soap.  After a lot of research on how to make a great bar of traditional soap, we found the perfect recipe!  We "superfat" our soaps meaning we use a higher concentration of natural oils and butters in our bars.  This results in gentle non drying soaps! Unlike commercial detergent bar, we don't use any additives (Ew!) to make our soaps harder, because we want to keep things as natural as possible:)  That doesn't mean your new soap can't last for a long time! 

How to make your natural soap last

Here are some tips to make your traditional soap last just as long as commercial soap:

  •  Always use a soap saver, or a soap dish that drains well so your soap doesn't sit in water.  Clean your dish/soap saver regularly, because soap residue and water will melt it away!
  •  If you're used to using commercial soaps, this next tip is going to go against everything you've ever known about soap!..maybe that's a little dramatic haha.  When using natural soap, try to avoid holding the bar under water for a long time- I know, hear me out - Instead just wet your hands and soap, rub the bar (without holding it under the tap), then rub hands and let it lather!  This produces thick rich suds, and keeps the bar from getting too wet and soggy.  Win Win!
  • If using in the shower as a body soap, don't keep it in an area of your shower where it's constantly getting wet, and make sure to allow it to dry out between uses.
  • Last tip, enjoy your amazing natural bar soap, and how great your skin feels after using it!  

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions about our products, don't hesitate to reach out!  We love hearing from you! 


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